Hei Romania, tu vei plati prostia!

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De luni de zile ne chinuim sa ne explicam ce se intampla cu biata noastra  tarisoara,  ne dam de ceasul mortii sa vedem cum ne scot unii sau altii din (provizor)AT si,” situatzie shoc” nicicum nu ne dam seama ce se intampla. Dar miracol, Superman exista, e deajuns un ziarist adevarat care nu ia mai mult de 9 randuri sa spuna lucrurilor verde-n faza. Binenteles ca nu-i un roman! De aceea ii si respect opinia si il public in original:

“Contrast this situation to that in Romania, a democracy and a member of the EU. What is happening there? Well after declining by 7.1% in 2009 (for comparison Russia’s economy shrank by 7.9%), the Romanian economy is set to shrink by an additional 0.5% in 2010 before growing “as much as 3.6% in 2011.” In the meantime deficits have ballooned, 7.2% in 2009 and almost 7% for 2010, and, in order to continue receiving funding from the IMF, the country is implementing a savage austerity plan consisting of 25% wage reductions for public employees and 15% reductions in pensions and unemployment benefits. Romania is thus going to experience a longer economic contraction than Russia, experience slower growth when it finally emerges from recession, be saddled with a much heavier debt load, and, on top of all of that, be in the world’s most dangerous and potentially lethal situation: owing the IMF a large amount of money. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?” (Mark Adomanis)

Hai noroc, frate, ce sa zic, sa dea Domnu’ sa te inseli, dar tare ma tem ca adevarul a uitat sa vorbeasca azi dimineata cu Nea Base despre moda si a iesit, gol-golutz, ca prostul in piatza!

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