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How to design an efficient strategy for real estate investments

“Knowledge is power”. This is the business motto of the 3rd millennium. But knowledge is more than simple information, it is that information that carries truth value and has the power of (re)generation. Our work is to transform the overwhelming flow of information that crowds and overburdens the networks of all kinds into knowledge that […]

Who we are

Our background from different areas of expertize recommends us to be the optimal solutions providers. From real estate to manufacturing, from services to products, from journalism to finance we are prepared to offer our “think different” solutions which will help you (re)optimize your business. With a large team of independent associates we cover practically any […]

What we do


We do not belive in magic formulas. Marketing is more than a set of rules that could be applied to any situation. It is much more than that. It is creativity, knowledge and not lastly positioning and differentiation. These elements are in fact at the core of our activity. We are ready to involve our […]

About us

Fix up marketing is a firm that specilizes in marketing consultancy, with the declared purpose of helping companies attain their strategic objectives in the most efficient way. From market research and analysis to marketing plans and hands-on training, we are convinced that we offer the extra value that your company needs. Through a hopefully lasting […]