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We do not belive in magic formulas. Marketing is more than a set of rules that could be applied to any situation. It is much more than that. It is creativity, knowledge and not lastly positioning and differentiation. These elements are in fact at the core of our activity. We are ready to involve our experience and our creativity in improving any type of business, in defining the market for this business and in offering the optimal solution for acting efficient on this market.

From specialized research to marketing plans, our expertize can bring an added value and point-out the steps to be taken in attaining your business objectives. In not so many words we offer marketing consultancy.

And, by the way: no, we do not put the “equal” sign between marketing and publicity.

Here is what we do:

– marketing research
on markets and products (through research we offer you the information in a processed form so that your company can take strategic decisions based on useful and up-to-date information)
– marketing audit
we evaluate the strong and the weak points of the marketing activities already existent in your company so we can provide you with useful information regarding your market position compared with your direct competition
– training
for the people in your company directly involved in the marketing activities
– strategies and marketing planning
based on analyzing your business environment we describe the steps that your company needs to take in order to increase sales and reach bigger profit margins
– follow-up in marketing plan implementation
bad or incomplete implementation of good marketing plans could be in certain cases as danger for the company as implementing the wrong plans. That’s why we offer follow-up services, providing you with feedback and solutions to reach the objectives defined in your company’s marketing plan
– innovative publicity and communication solutions
targeted on increasing your company brand notoriety and sales


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